What we exhibit?

There are 5 main sectors in ParsPlast 2016:

Raw materials, machinery and equipment, manufactured and semi-manufactured products, technical and engineering services, polymer composites. Each of these sectors are as follows:

Raw material:

Polymer Alloys- polystyrene – ethylene and polyethylene – different types of polyamide – different types of master batch – polypropylene – BBT alloys – Copolymer – Polypropylene burette – PVC compounds – Elastomers – Application forms – different types of powders and granules – molding compounds – Plasticizer – stearate types – raw materials for the plastics industry – Pigments – synthetic fibers – sanitizes – raw materials for industry.


Machinery and Equipment:

PVC and polypropylene products – Shrink film and sheet – all kinds of packaging products – tape, rope and thread – all kinds of PET bottles and containers of various household and industrial – profiles, rubber and silicone – parts and composite products – forms and sponge products – Various insulation and sealant products – parts and Injectable – Leather – all parts for domestic industry, construction, automotive and packaging – disposable products


Manufactured and semi-manufactured products:

Mixer – roller – crusher and mill filters – recycling -different types of industrial furnaces – machines and extruders and extrusion lines – molding machines, casting and injection – different types of Press – Filling machines – machines for cutting and bending – different types of printing machines – plastic welding machine – Tools and equipment for process control, temperature control, pressure control and other control measures, measurement and tester – Shipping and Handling Equipment – Automation and Robotics – Shrink packing machinery and packaging machinery and equipment – Various cooling and heating – – Filtration Systems – Measuring and testing equipment – Other equipment and related accessories.


Technical and Engineering:

Publications – Software and Information Systems – After Sales Services – Technical Services Engineering Services- Packaging – Transport Services – Laboratory Services – Consulting – Research Services and Software – Service of production, trade, import and export services Protection services – contractor services – scientific, business and professional union.


Polymer Composites:

Various types of raw materials used in manufacturing composite resins (unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, etc.) Pigments, Compound (SMC material and BMC), fillers and solvents (peroxide, cobalt, acetone, methylene chloride,…) Gelcoats, amplifier (types of glass fibers, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, basalt fiber, natural fiber types) composite products FRP, GRP, GRE, GRV, GRVE, all kinds of machinery (RTM, vacuum,…) Tools and equipment in the production of composite parts

Goods and services in Pars Paint:

Surface coatings, paints, resins of chemicals and raw materials (a variety of resins, pigments, thinners and solvents, additives, various salts and chemicals, electroplating, and chemical corrosion inhibitors), Manufacturers User-friendly paints and coatings (building, industrial, vehicle, marine, craft and Untitled, industrial flooring, pipes and insulation levels), composites, coatings and composite materials manufacturers, manufacturers of composite parts, equipment and machinery and applying paint and coatings, laboratory equipment and inspecting coatings and paints, paint and chemical industries, packaging and related packaging manufacturers, safety equipment and recycling, nano-coatings and coating processes, new types of industrial adhesives and general engineering consulting firms and contractors, research centers and professional associations related to specialized publications covering industry, electroplating industry, powder paints, coatings patination, water-based paints, galvanized, heat, corrosion


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