Main Activities:

–         Production Flow

–         PE Pipe and Fittings for Water Supply

–         Production and supply of water treatment chemicals

–         Following GRE pipe fittings

–         Consulting, importing and producing quality control equipment for water and wastewater

–         Types of submersible motors, submersible and high pressure pumps

–         Production of polyethylene manholes and connections

–         Valves and fittings made of cast iron and steel

–         Production welding

–         Types of cast iron fittings and valves

–         Municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants

–         Types of industrial and heat recovery boilers

–         Designing and construction of combined chlorine – ozone disinfection systems

–         Designing and construction of devices for measuring water quality parameters

–         Providing technical services in the areas of water and sanitation

–         Industrial automation in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants

–         Parts of pressurized irrigation system

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